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Hi, just finished this one up this morning.

Blade is 10.5 inches of clayed and water hardened W2. Fittings areW's damascus and copper. Handle is bookmatched ironwood burl (one of the nicest I've seen).

Thanks for looking, feedback is appreciated.








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Loving the hamon. Not very often do you see them on bowies. And i agree, that ironwood burl is beautiful. Nice work. 

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Good clean elegance with a hamon. Whats not to like!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow! That is a beautiful piece! Only feedback I have is great job! I have a question on the handle, but it is for my education and is not a point of feedback. It looks like you used a single pin. I know with today’s epoxy strengths you can go pinless. But I wanted to hear your feedback on the handle. Why did you go with a single pin? Or did you also place other structural holds in the handle? Did you only use the pin for alignment or is that best practice on a hidden tang?

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Thanks a lot.

David, for the handle I used a mortised construction. The handle is two pieces, chiseled out to fit the tang very closely, then glued back together. It's been my experience from the testing I've done that this is a very strong construction.  I've seen the wood break, before splitting at the seams or coming off the tang.

As for the single pin, I choose it for aesthetic value, but I believe it to be quite strong. I have kitchen knives, without any pin, that after years of banging against a chopping board for 4-5 a day still aren't loose. 

Also with a hidden tang, I would be concerned that with extra pins it could be weakening the tang itself. Especially with larger pins.

But Yeah, ultimately I guess it comes down to aesthetics as long as it doesn't affect performance.

Thanks again, Justin

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