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First time wrought iron ?s

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For some reason I am doing my first hidden tang knives as a batch of 3. 

2 of which are my first attempts at forging San Mai billets. 

I also want to use wrought iron for the fittings on 2 and mokume fittings for the other.


Current status I'm ready to start working with the wrought iron(first time touching the stuff). Can I simply shape by stock removal? Should it be annealed? Should it be heat treated in some fashion to show a pattern when etched?

Almost everything I can find to read up on working with wrought pertains to identifying it and expressing how hot you need to work it if you are forging it.

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No it doesn't need to be annealed.  The pattern of the etch will be caused by slag inclusions in the iron.  Stock removal requires nothing special but if you want to forge it you will need to take it up to near forge welding temperatures and work it yellow.  How much problem you will have with the iron crumbling will depend on the grade of the iron and how thin you will try to take it.  There's a learning curve in trying to work with it.



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Forging, especially at welding heat, will refine wrought as you go. I'm talking about the real gnarly stuff like wagon rim.

I would think you would reveal more natural pattern if you didn't forge it at all, but a little shaping isn't going to hurt it.

But do heed the advice to work it hot and lay off when it cools.

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