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Sword. Petersen type H

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... and another sword :) This time, short, light, fast - for a "flyweight" sworsman.

Blade of 60WCrV8 tool steel, cross guard and upper guard + pommel - wrought iron - etched, burnished with oil then polished with abrasive paper 1000 grit.. Grip - wood + leather.

Overall lenght - 867mm
Blade lenght - 707mm
Grip               -  102mm
Width at cros guard - 47mm

Cross guard lenght - 72mm

Upper guard lenght - 52mm

Point of balance - 166mm

Weight - 990g / 2,18 lb

Sword Petersen type H 1.JPG

Sword Petersen type H 2.JPG

Sword Petersen type H 3.JPG

Sword Petersen type H 4.JPG

Sword Petersen type H 5.JPG

Sword Petersen type H 6.JPG

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I love these swords you do, Kris. Always a pleasure to see your work. 

I especially like the way the wrought iron fitting turned out.

Great work, as always. 

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