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Florian F Fortner

Off Topic WIP: Articulated Plate Gauntlet

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As there was some interest in posting stuff about plate armour work, I started this slightly off topic thread. It is not blades or hilts, yet it still involves steel, fire and heavy tools :P

My problem is that I will find a piece I like and then want to make it, instead of starting with easier stuff. Here is the original that I want to make as my very first armouring project (Wallace Collection (A276):



I tried with cardboard patterns, but cardboard won't bend in three dimensions, so I started with 1mm mild steel. Here are the tools used so far:



There's a long wishlist of stuff I need to get it done in higher quality and especially carbon steel (mostly forms and stakes to bang into/onto)

Here's the first prototype so far (articulation works, but needs more movement downwards, with a glove inside it's quite mobile):


Next step is building the same thing again, with hopefully less errors and better fit!

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Please tell me you're going to try the gold damascene too!  B)

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This is too cool not to click the follow button. I am definitely gonna wanna see this develop.

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