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Small Hunter - guard fitting practice

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Just finished this one up last night. It's my first attempt at a hidden tang with a full slotted  and sculpted guard. 3 1/2" blade, 8" overall. Blade is 5160, guard is nickel silver, black spacer, and  handle is bubinga finished with Tru Oil and a nickel silver pin. I'm fairly pleased with the joint between the blade and guard. Square with no gaps. Unfortunately I decided to use my new disc grinder to sharpen it, and having never sharpened with a disc grinder I messed it up a bit. 

In other news, my wife gave me my birthday present - she's sending me to SOFA next month to attend Kevin Cashen's ABS Handles & Guards class. Best. Wife. Ever.


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It looks like a pretty nice job on the fit up. Did you do the 2 shoulders or 4? Have any process pics?

Sharpening on the disc is a tricky maneuver. I have the magnetic disc system I posted the link to in your initial post in The Way. I purchased a second flat disc and epoxied a sheet of 35 durometer rubber to the face for sharpening. Produces a nice edge that rolls away smoothly. 

Congrats on the Cashen class take lots of notes!

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