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I'm doing an elvish sword for a customer that has a forge welded pommel. The welding was tricky as you have to put the guard on first and the guard wouldn't allow me to stick the tang all the way into the forge for welding. That part I made work. I just heat treated yesterday and I had the same problem, however. No matter what I couldn't get the base of the blade hot enough to quench. I gave it a go anyway, and the entire blade hardened except the first 2 inches from the tang shoulders and, here's the kicker, I had no warping! I tempered like normal and the blade flexes beautifully. The unhardened section is 1/4" thick X 2" wide, so it's substantial enough to not see any flexes, but I wanted to get other parties' input. Does anyone think it's worth it to re-harden for those last two inches?




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Considering most medieval European swords had a wrought iron tang welded on that extended past the guard into the blade thus rendering that bit unhardenable, I wouldn't worry about it.

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