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Shut your mouth!

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Apparently im a mouth breather. This was made apparent to me today while welding up some damascus. Whether it was flux or scale, something really hot shot into my open mouth and landed on my tongue. Left a nice little (read as pretty big) burn on it. Good thing i had already had my coffee, not sure ill be enjoying hot food/drink for a few days! 

So, take it from me, my fellow mouth breathers, and shut your mouth when youre forging! 

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Now you know why the welder's apron was invented by a guy who kept forgetting to zip his fly.

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The other day I was forging in cold weather, wearing a one-piece coverall, insulated shop coveralls over that, and then my leather apron.

A piece of red-hot scale flew up over the top of my apron, bounced off my adam's apple, and went right down my coveralls. The worst burn was on my neck, but the hot scale burned my chest & stomach all the way down to where it stopped at my belt line. I couldn't get out of my clothes fast enough, I had so many layers.

Thankfully I was wearing a belt, or that piece of hot scale would have gone ALL the way down my coveralls. :)

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