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Herreros - Greetings from Spain

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Good day you all,

My name is José Antonio Herreros. I am a knife and pocket knives artisan from Spain.

It has been more than 44 years when I started making my own knives (when I was 13 years old) and today I can proudly name myself as an "amateur" (everyday you learn something new) artisan. I have been working with the most famous and finest cutlery brands from Spain, thanks to that, I have been awarded with the most important titles inside the Spanish handmade cutlery.

Recently, I decided to make my own webpage https://www.artesaniaherreros.es/en/ since the Spanish handmade cutlery is dissapearing. Sadly, I have to start from cero since I have no photos (or the ones I have are really old) of my oldest creations, but, I try to keep the webpage updated with more products (with quality photos), videos, etc. so one day I could proudly look at it as my own catalogue.

I have attached you a few photos of my latest products, they are just a little glimpse of my daily work, but I hope you like it.

Thanks a lot to everyone who told me on facebook about this marvelous forum, and thanks everyone for letting me part of this awesome community!

Greetings from Spain - José Antonio Herreros, Knives and folding knives artisan from Spain.








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23 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

Bienvenudos!  That is beautiful work!  Thank you for sharing it, and welcome to the forum.

Gracias Alan ! I will try to keep things updated! :D

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