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Gift for friend

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This one was made from the circular blade in the pictures. Handle material is black walnut and brass spacers and pins. I'll edit later for measurements.

This is my 3rd actually finished knife. Bevels were made with the highly pinned jig. Heat treadted the best I could with unknown metal. Came out hard after a 2nd quench. 

The shape changed slowly over time and ended up as you see now. There are many areas of improvement but as I was leaving my current job and my friend is a co-worker I needed to finish sooner or never get him his gift.

Opinions and further advice welcomedIMG_20180329_165005346.jpg

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Thats a very unique knife. I like the shape of it. It most closely resembles a chefs knife, IMO, but with a lot of flair. Good choice of handle material too, black walnut is a beautiful wood.

How about some dimensions? 

Only critique i have is that the spine and tang appear to be very thick. That just adds unnecessary weight to the blade. 

Nice work. 

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