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Alex Middleton

Fire gear carry knife

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So, a couple of things have been bugging me.  First off, 1 spanner wrench has limited uses, you really need 2 in order to be able to tighten/loosen hoses properly.  Secondly, something Vern posted a while back has stuck with me.  It was something along the lines of "Never do a big job with a small knife, a small job with a big knife, or any job with a dull knife."  I definitely have the big knife, and the sharp knife, covered but the lack of a little knife had me thinking.

So, I took some time and made a little brother to go along with this one.


I also came up with a detachable piggy back sheath design so that they can be carried together.




They fit nicely in my gear.


Weather permitting, we have training in the morning.  Should be a good chance to do some more testing with it.

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You know, as I look at it I start to get a bit complicated in terms of safety and kind of think that with that shape on both it would be pretty easy for someone, with designing skills, to make an attached, fold over  blade cover similar to the old Marbles "Safety Axe". It would fold into the handle.

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Like this, Vern?



I think thats a great idea. Would definitely be hard to implement. Would need to have a locking feature in both open and closed positions. 

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That's the "new" version, but essentially the same. I have worked with an original from the '30s. It's actually just folded and tab'ed sheet metsl that pivots on a single pin. No lock was needed or used. It was a tight fit over the blade and the metal of the cover was slightly dimpled to give a bit of friction. It fit in a metal channel in the handle the same way.

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