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Sunray Contact Wheels

Eric McHugh

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This is not a paid endorsement...just the opinion of a bladesmith trying to make his way through life. I've tried and tried to find a reasonable source for different size contact wheels for both Albion and my own personal bladesmith business, and I have found that most companies are really expensive and difficult to work with, BUT Sunray INC. out of North Carolina has blown my mind a number of times. High quality wheels for a very reasonable price (often half of other contact wheel makers). In fact, they have an online store in which you can order most sizes for a KMG all the way up to 8" diameter online. So, again, not a paid endorsement, just a fellow maker saying that if you are in need of a contact wheel, don't waste your time...just call or look up Sunray, INC.

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I'll second that Sunray is an excellent supplier and will make wheels to your exact specs.

Tim Musselman

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I have used Sunray wheels and am very satisfied with them.  They were a little bit cheaper than www.USAKnifemaker.com but I was buying 12 sets and there was a 3 week wait.  USAKnifemaker generally stocks the needed wheels but sometimes are out of stock for some sizes.  All in all both are good sources.  If ordering from Sunray be very careful that you review their proofs very carefully to make sure that you are getting what you want.  With USAKnifemaker you are getting what they stock.  With Sunray they are building the wheels to your specification. 

Wayne Coe
Artist Blacksmith
729 Peters Ford Road
Sunbright, Tennessee

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When I needed a custom contact wheel for my surface grinder conversion, I checked first with Contact Rubber Corp. They wanted $1k for the wheel I specified. Sunray did it for less than half that, and then when I screed up and tore up the tire, they recovered it for me for about $150. Devin Carswell has been the rep I've dealt with and he's fantastic. 


Add another thumbs up for Sunray from me!

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