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Four hunters/outdoor knives

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Hello everybody! 
A few lovely knives for outdoor activities, they feel really light feel in the hand!
Steel: 1070 high carbon steel
Overall lenght: 25 cm - 9.8''
Blade lenght: 13 cm - 5.11''
Blade widght: 3.3 cm - 1.29''
Blade thickness: 4mm - 0.157 inches
Handle lenght: 11.5 cm - 4.5''
Weight: 180 grams - 6.34 ounches
Handle material: Burned oak wood with aluminum pins and lanyard tube. One of them does not have a burned handle but oak wood as it is.
Differentially heat treated by drawing back the spine with a torch.
Finished with ferric chloride.
They come with a  leather sheath.
Feel free to ask me anything via comment or pm.
Asking price: 200$/knife
Free international shipping with priority mail and a tracking number.
Via PayPal.

_KTZ1633 copy.jpg

_KTZ1634 copy.jpg

_KTZ1636 copy.jpg

_KTZ1638 copy.jpg

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17 hours ago, Zeb Camper said:

Hey Tony, these look really good. I am suprised you have not sold them by now at that price... Do you do any advertising outside of the forum? 

Thank you for your kind words!

Yes, i do have them on sale on a few facebook pages and one more knifemaking forum.  A few people were interested on facebook but when i messaged them, none of them replied. 

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May i recommend that you do not drop your price anymore? These are worth the original 150. 

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Yeah, you're almost giving those away at $100. $150 was more than fair. I get pretty much all my sales from FB. Most people will flake when they get a price. They watch FiF one time and think it only takes 6 hours and some scrap metal to make a quality knife. 

One thing that always helped me was really explaining some of the processes it took to get that far. Not in too much detail, but just enough to get someone's attention (without losing it). Make it spicy. 

Instead of 

"Steel: 1075


say instead: "Hand crafted in my shop; these lovely knives are made from the rugged high carbon steel 1075. These blades are differentially tempered to ensure the user a hard edge, and a shock obsorbant spine to tackle anything you throw it's way.

For the handle I chose a strong and beautiful straight grained kiln dried oak; kissed by flame to darken its grains and produce a very rustic texture." 

Don't be afraid to go further in depth, but you gotta get them exited to own one of these bad boys. 

I also post to 3-4 FB groups. 

Hope this helps!

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paragraphs look weird. oh well :-(
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Zeb is right. I've often thought of making my ability to "coalesce the vapors of human experence...." available to help makers tune up their "Ad copy".

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40 minutes ago, Zeb Camper said:

Yeah, you're almost giving those away at $100. $150 was more than fair.

Here's an idea that may sound crazy, but it has worked for me. Take all the adverts for these knives down and stow them away for two or three months. Then bring them back out and ask $250 for each one. 

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What Joshua said. I was thinking more like 200-250 for these. They are very clean and appear very well made. 

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To be honest, my plan was to ask 200$ for them. The proble is, I had a motorbike accident and the medical bills pile up, that's why i started at 150$, believing that it would help to sell them faster. Now that things got tougher with the bills, I bit the bullet and dropped the price to 100$(not going to go any lower than that tho).

On my future knives i'm going to apply your advices, i'm sure they are going to help a lot!


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I have sold more pieces that weren't selling by raising the price than I have by lowering the price. It's a strange phenomenon, but sometimes people equate price with value and quality.

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