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Karambit from a Farrier's Rasp

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I started this last year, and finally got around to finishing it. It was nice to finally make a knife for myself.

This knife began when a friend of mine got a karambit, and asked if I could make him a wooden one to train with.

Hill's Karambit.jpg

Let me say now, plywood is NOT my normal choice for any kind of bokken. I prefer hardwood like walnut, oak, or rock maple, but with the ring in the end, I couldn't see a way to get around the grain crossing the ring and risking it breaking at some point, and I don't make weak tools. So, plywood with maple scales. But when I was done, it turned out so comfortable I decided I needed one for myself.

It took me two tries. On the first, I managed to break the side out of the hole by drifting it while the steel was too cool. The second time I used a lot more patience. The main challenge was putting the curve into a piece of farrier's rasp (tool steel). Once I got the basic shape down, a couple of friends who have done a lot of security work looked it over and made suggestions. I'm glad I was humble enough to listen to their advice, because it fits my hand much better than it would have otherwise.

Grinding the teeth off the rasp and then all the curves was a challenge, but I got it done with the wheel on my belt grinder and finally a half-round file. When it was all polished up, I drilled holes for the pins and shaped the scales from maple (actually some hardwood flooring scraps I scrounged. I'm lucky enough to live near a Bell Hardwood Floors and Lumber Liquidators, and they don't mind me dumpster diving.) The pins are simply 1/8" brass rod. Nothing fancy.

In retrospect, I should have test fit everything and ground the steel and scales down to an exact fit before the next step: adding the cerakote. I have a friend who owns a custom gun shop, and he let me pick any color scheme I wanted for $30.00. I decided just to go with basic black, because this knife has one purpose: to protect me. I'd rather no one saw it coming. I added some blue plastic-impregnated paper just to make it look a little classy. My boys had also watched the most recent edition of Jurassic Park and named it "Blue," after their favorite velociraptor in the movie, because it reminded them of the raptor's claws. When all was said and done, my friend knocked $5.00 of the price, and earned himself a permanent customer.

So here Blue all it's glory:

Buck's Karambit.jpg

Not fancy, just effective. Now I just need to figure out how to make a sheath for it. I'm thinking Kydex, which is something I've never worked with.

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I'm showing that to my wife. She's been meaning to make herself a karambit for a while and is planning on cutting it out of an old saw blade. She could forge one out easier I think......

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