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Bandsaw Hydraulic?

Eric Dennis

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I just bought a used grizzly G9742 horizontal bandsaw for a good price. 

This one: http://www.grizzly.com/products/G9742/parts

The problem is, it no longer has the hydraulic cylinder that allows the saw to automatically lower. Buying a new one from Grizzly apparently is almost $200.00!!!  

Does anyone know of a place to buy cheaper parts that will fit this machine? It would be MUCH appreciated.



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It is just a hydraulic cylinder with a small needle valve to restrict the flow out of the cylinder as the saw comes down.  Maybe you can fab something up out of salvaged/recycled parts?


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It's a self-contained unit powered just by gravity and the weight of the machine.

I  actually got hold of the old busted one. I think I can fix it up. Either there is a busted o-ring or the cylinder was simply never filled. I'm gonna try re filling and see what happens. 

If not then https://www.surpluscenter.com/ has a bunch or else I'll try checking mcmaster. 



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I opened up  the original that supposedly didn't work- filled it with hydraulic fluid (it had only a few teaspoons inside. Closed it up with a little teflon tape on the threads, and voila! So far it's as good as new. No external leaking that I can see, and the internal gasket seems to be holding as well. 

Glad that worked... 

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