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40 YO Ted Dowell Drop Point

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Ted made this knife for me sometime around 1976. In his letter to me about this knife, he told me it was the last knife he would make with white linen micarta because he could not get white without the little black specks visible in the handle. I mentioned it in another post and Vern Wimmer showed some interest, so I told Him I would shoot it and post the results. BTW - if anyone has an idea how to remove permanent marker from the handle, I would appreciate the suggestions.






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His work amazed me then and it still does.

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Don’t know about handles but on upvc plastic spraying permanent marker with hair-spray gets it right off.

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Most sharpies use an alcohol-based colorant . Either denatured or high-strength isopropyl alcohol should remove it . You just have to be careful because it can also dissolve acrylics. Will use it in the painting industry to determine whether or not a surface has been painted with water-based or oil based paint, called a solvent resistance test .

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Looking at one of his knives was the first time I can recall applying the wor "fluid" to a knife. I thought "Wow, it looks like it was poured from quicksilver".

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