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Two more boxes of 1" square 5160

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For quite some time I have been selling 70 pound boxes of 1 inch square 5160. This was all made in 1984 and has spent a great deal of its life outdoors, so it is mostly a bit rusty. After a little forging that is all gone anyway.
At one time I had 2400 feet of this.
After a decade I am down to about 30 orders left. When this stuff is gone - it's gone. I know of no other 5160 in this dimension. It was a special mill run at the time it was made.
Over the next couple weeks I will have two more boxes cut up to sell.
It is cut into 1 foot long pieces and shipped USPS Priority Mail to keep costs down.
At $225.00 it's a bargain.
This stuff has made some incredible knives and hatchets and shop tools.
I used it for my JS performance test in '08. As have many others.
Let me know!
You get 19 pieces/1 foot long.



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That's a lot of metal If I had the funds Id buy from ya but at the moment I can't drop that kind of cash other wise Id say send me some lol.

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Hi, Karl, I only need 3 pieces , I can't afford the hole box,will you sell me 3 pieces ??? 

Cook Danner

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