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Blacksmithing/Bladesmithing Henderson/Las Vegas

Darin Roodman

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Good afternoon, I am a beginner, no, I'm even worse than a beginner, I've never even put hammer to steel. (I've started putting hammer to aluminum though, so I'm not completely hopeless...I hope.) . 

Aaaaaanyway, I am DESPERATELY interested in learning how to smith (both blade and black) but at the same time, being a father of 6 and a husband, am a little gun shy to jumping in head first and dying.  (Also, I'm still trying to bring my lovey wife around to the idea as a whole, so having some education under my belt would help)

That said, I'm looking for beginner classes/an experienced smith who's willing to teach me the basics at the very least so I don't die first try.  I live in Henderson but am willing to go anywhere in the Vegas valley to learn.  

I've found some classes in Tonopah, NV (highly recommended, but also 4 hours away), and there MIGHT be some starting in Vegas proper in the fall, but I'm ITCHING to start NOW!  


Thanks so much for your time/attention in this matter and your helpful suggestions.  Really glad to have been accepted into this forum!

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Not much help on the class....but paying attention around here is a good start.

I watched a bunch of videos....mostly Walter Sorrell ones.

As a general rule I believe its recommended to try some stock removal blades before trying to hammer one out.

I have been to Tonopah NV....It makes where I live by park city look like a rain forest. lol

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Yeah, it's greener up there than most places in the area.  Bummer about the classes, and I've been watching a LOT of videos (I can't get enough of 'em).  Mostly Christ Centered Ironworks, Black Bear Forge, Liam Hoffman, and Alec Steele (those kids have a GIFT, I'm telling you), but I was really hoping to get some hands-on tutelage. 

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Read the pinned topics here in the Shop Safety section and the Beginners Place and you will be off to a good start if you don't wanna wait. I recommend it even if you do wait, lots of good stuff. There's also the show and tell, many good pictures there

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Look for your local blacksmith group/guild.  There out there - you just have to look around for them.  Sometime they have facilities with open forge nights, and some training. 

Classes are a good idea for anyone looking to jump at this.  Pay the money for the class lodging etc, just do it.  You can mess around with familiarizing yourself by you tube, but there is no better way to get your hands on some hot steel and be taught by another experienced smithy/crafty person. 

I've been taking about 2 classes a year at my local crafty school for 5 years and have no plans on stopping, and every year I feel like my skill grows so much by just a 1 week class.



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