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Use your name.  Do not put numerals in your username.  Do not use a business name.  Do not make up a silly nickname.  Do not use the words forge, knives, swords, anvil, or even smith (unless your name is Smith, of course).  We are all smiths and knifemakers here, it does not make you stand out.

We have this posted all over the place, and you even have to answer "yes" to it before you can register, but apparently 2/3 of applicants either don't pay attention or don't believe we mean it.  I know if you're using a phone to look at the forum you don't see a lot of the announcements and such either, so let's go over this one more time, hopefully for the last time.

You do not have to use your full name. I know people have concerns about security (even though it doesn't matter, if you're online you are not anonymous and the bad guys can find out everything about you no matter what), just use something that we can tell at a glance is a genuine human name.  

Don't spell it backwards, that doesn't fool anyone.

Business names are summarily deleted.

Names with numbers in them are deleted with prejudice.

Made-up nicknames are deleted with great glee.

If you feel you need an exception we are not unreasonable.  You will sometimes see other users with obvious nicknames.  They either joined prior to 2010 when these rules became law or they got special dispensation. 

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Also, no forge deities/legendary being names. ;) Even the ones I don't know, and I know of most of them. Unless of course it's your real name, but I don't know many Weylands, Peruns, Vulcans, Hephaistos, Thors, Oguns, Goibniu, Amakuni, etc.   

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