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Small Bowie/hunter knife

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I know it's been a little while since my last visit here, let alone since I last posted.  But this one I thought deserved to be posted.  A good friend wanted a dress version of a knife I did for him a while ago.  The blade style is a hybrid of a Bowie and a hunter type with a blade length of just under 6 inches with a through tang construction.  The blade was forged from a piece of leaf spring.  The guard, finger spacer, and pommel are brass.  Between the guard and spacer is ebony then between the spacer and pommel is purple heart.  The very same friend that wanted this knife did the stone work.  In total, there is almost 10 carats of rubies.  I have never worked with either wood before, so it was a nice break from the normal.  Overall, I am rather pleased with this one, and so is my good friend.


db finished b.jpg

db finished d.jpg

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That bowie would definitely dress up any business suit or tuxedo but with that many carats, I would be afraid to take it out of the house!

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5 hours ago, Charles du Preez said:

Quite something RW. How are the rubies mounted?

Thank you, but I didn't set the stones, my good friend did (who also owns the knife).  I do believe he made pockets in the brass then set them with epoxy.


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