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Nick Bell

Help with ore and starting out bloomery!

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Hi folks

i have been really interested in smelting and forging my own ore ever since i stumbled across some highly metallic stones in my backyard.

initially i thought they could be meteoric but im not so sure, they are all small >1inch dia, and highly metallic, i crushed one into power after cleaning the dirt off and spread it out, just about all of it stuck to a magnet. I put a large piece under an asthetaline torch and it almost instantly melted (bear in mind thise things can just about instantly melt steel) anyway it turned into a really crumbly, slaggy, brittle material that was still highly magnetic, im afraid i dont have any pics of that.

i havent found much of the ore only about half a pound. Is it still possible to smelt this, i would find a little more first obviously. After some research i saw Skip William’s teeny tiny bloomery and thought it could br good for this kinda thing, im only really looking to make a small bar and maybe a small blade. 

Ive included some pics of the stones, sorry for the poor quality but my phone is somewhat *ahem* out of date, one shows the whole stone with the shiny black metallic exterior visible, the second shows another that i broke in half with a hammer, it has a rusty coloured interior and small metallic sparkles visible.

Any ideas??!

Thanks in advance!!

not sure if This should be in the beginner forum or not sorry, I just assumed it was bloomery related



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Looks like maghemite, magnetic hematite.  Good stuff!  Roast it up and give it a shot.  Be sure to look down in the pinned bloomers and buttons subforum towards the bottom of the main page, lots of info there.

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