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Blade blanks for sale

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SOLD: a bowie with a pretty wild hamon made from 1075. It has a 9 1/8" blade from tip to choil. It may need some additional sanding/polishing to acheive a proper edge geometry. 

Asking $100 plus shipping. 20180526_185838.jpg20180526_185909.jpg



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I've got a kama blade I'm willing to sell. It's 8 1/2" from tip to spine. It's also 1075. It's rough forged and rough ground but needs refinement and heat treatment. It could be a really cool peice (especially with a hamon,) but I just don't have the time to finish it. I'll sell it for $30. 



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2 hours ago, sachem allison said:

I would definitely be interested in the Bowie blank. Could you wait until tomorrow

That's totally fine. I am set up for paypal if that is ok with you. 

Please note that this blade will likely need more sanding and polish work to acheive a finer edge geometry. it's currently unsharpened. The shoulders will also need to be filed to fit a guard properly.

If you would like, I could get the blade completely done and razor sharp for an additional $20. 


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