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luckily I keep some  finished work on hand to stock my etsy shop, I only had a couple of weeks to get some knives done for the table,  I had a bunch of projects in part way finished and these are what i got done, might finish one or two more small ones today. 

I finished 2 damascus slip joints both walk and talk nicely the burl has heavier action. 

a few of these small forged stainless pocket sheath knives. forged in either AEB-l or Nitro-V 

A small Bowie in mosaic damascus nickel silver bronze and maple with silver inlay. 

a 6" hunter with antler nickel silver, and a domed pin. 

a few all steel paring knives (ultrathin edges ) 

some damascus scribers/scratch awls and a damascus all steel pairing knife 

A hawk i did in a class is taught a bit ago, 1050 head and hickory handle. 

all will be on my table at blade 21-O

now I need a nap.. MP


Parkinson_180523A-web (1).jpg







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Ok I lied .. I got a few more things finished/cleaned up .. for blade .. now I am done really.. I think 

Paring knife in Damascus and mahogany 

Little mushroom hunting set super thing damascus blade in antler with antler handled brush 

6" chef in forged Nitro-v with mahogany and a nickel silver pin  the Saya is by Tom McLean I think it is walnut with a ebony pin 




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Great work! I love the scratch awls.

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I like the handle on the Bowie. The inlay and butcap especially. Nice all round though Matthew.

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