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Friction Folders for Sale

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I have some friction folders that I'm selling on Etsy, all of the matte black powder coat handled ones are gone, so all that is left are the bronze powder coat and the bare aluminum. Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/619110173/aluminum-handle-friction-folder-edc-hand?ref=shop_home_active_1

These are inspired by the Japanese higonokami design with the folded handle. I also emulated the cut point look, but I found that making the blade a broken back seax-like shape is visually pleasing, rather than keeping the blade about the same width all the way down. The aluminum handles are cut from a sheet, annealed, textured, bent, and formed with a wooden mallet on a stump to preserve the texture. The aluminum stock is fairly thick, so it fills your hand much like regular linerlock blades and doesn't take up too much pocket space.

$115 for bare aluminum

$125 for powder coat

1095 blade

aluminum handle

steel pivot

301 stainless pocket clip

nylon washers

Some pictures:

These were really fun to make, it was a learning process to shape the blades and handles.



This one reminds me of some sort of Spanish knife


I use different hammers and texturing tools to create all kinds of unique patterns in the aluminum


A texture that is just my touchmark repeating


This texture looks a lot like tree bark. It would lose a lot of detail if I powder coated it


This is a bronze powder coat with a clear layer on top. Apparently the bronze flakes oxidize over time if it is just left without a clear coat.


A freaky caterpillar-looking texture. Made with a rusty hammer eye punch


There is something about this knife in particular that makes it feel good, like a full size fighter that fits into your pocket



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I like that tree-bark effect.

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