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Nice!  I'm a little jealous, that's a serious small industrial hammer as opposed to my delightfully elfin 50lb. Star (ca. 1924) that weighs in at around 750 lbs total. Same spring arrangement, about a third of the frame mass.  B)

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I don't know how much it weighs (it weighs plenty), but it is not as stable as it could be. The design makes it weirdly front and top heavy, and its on sleepers which I don't think helps. But it is a lovely little machine. And it's also hands down the noisiest power hammer I've ever seen. It out-noisies air hammers four times its size. With ease. I guess because it is a mechanical? Instead of the full spectrum thump of an air hammer there is just an almighty slap at a phenomenally penetrating frequency when forging anything under about 1/4".

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