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HeartLine S290 Stainless San Mai

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Almost appears to be melting!


S290(Bohler-Uddeholm) - High alloy high speed tool steel. Thanks to high content of Cobalt and Tungsten can achieve very high working hardness. It is a high carbide volume steel, and primarily optimized for high wear resistance at high temperatures. Later isn't really important for the knives, but former combined with high hardness makes a good choice for high performance, light use cutter which can cut abrasive materials for a long time. S290 on occasion gets listed as equivalent or a replacement of either S390 microclean or Vanadis 60. Actually, it is neither, and composition differs very considerably, but as a substitute sure, it could work.

Am curious as how this is heat treated? Looked this up as it does not appear on HTS. 

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Beautiful. The contrast is out of this world. The pattern makes me think of rain running down a window. 

Keep up the outstanding work. 

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