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Need a new source for refractory supplies...

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I can't seem to find a link for Hi temp tools any more...Sad. Would like more bubble alumina.

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Check out my web-site at the Forge Supplies page.  I don't sell bubble alumina but do sell Kast-0-Lite, which I like better than bubble alumina.  I also have Metrikote and Plistix infrared reflective products.  Both much cheaper than ITC-100 and some say better.

Let me know if I can help you.  BTW, I just tried HiTemp and got a "Can't locate site" message too.

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Wayne Coe
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Smith Sharpe Firebrick Supply in Minneapolis MN gives me excellent service all the time

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Yea I had an email from Wayne a few days ago getting info on their 3/4 inch burner which I'll be gladly ordering tomorrow morning.

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I bought one of the 3/4" burners from HighTemp.  Been very pleased with it.   Use it in my Don Fogg Style Vertical Forge I built.     I bought the kit and put it together myself.     Not too hard to do,  aside from center drilling the right size hole, had to get the right size drill bit,  Size Z I believe.  And a couple taps.  Everything  else was pretty much screw together.     Some Yellow propane teflon and a spray bottle to check for leaks, and it worked perfectly. 

Highly recommend them for a novice burner setup.    Not a T-Rex or a Chili Diablo, but it uts out A Great heat, although i think the air inlet is a bit restrictive in that sort of burner design.  But then again too much air is no good for forging.     Can't beat the price for all the parts that it comes with.    I believe the 3/4" is good for up to 350 cu. Inch for forge volume.   My vertical forge, is around that or slightly less.   Have not welded in it as of yet, but I  can't see any problem with it.   30 min at 5-8 psi, and it get pretty darn bright in that forge.   

Good Luck with your build.

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