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Type XV, a couple of firsts

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This is my first type XV sword that I have made.  It is also the first scent-stopper pommel that I forged 90% to shape with just a clean up grinding and finishing.


Steel is Aldo's 80CrV2 

Blade: 762mm, 30"; 4.92mm (.194") thick at cross; 3.4mm (.134") thick 25mm (1") from tip; 51mm (2") wide at cross; 11mm (7/16") 25 mm (1") from the point

OAL: 946mm, 37 1/4"

Grip 108mm, 4 1/4"

Cross: 255mm, 10 1/8"

Weight: 1066 grams (37.6 oz)

COB: 830 mm (3 1/4") from cross

Forward pivot point at just shy of the very point.

I was torn between using a scent stopper and a more common wheel pommel, but I wanted to see if I could forge a pommel close to final shape.  I think a wheel pommel would have complimented the overall blade better.... I guess I'll just have to make another one!  Criticisms and comments appreciated, thanks for looking!

I can't take good pics to save my life, but enough words...here are the pics......

type xv full.jpg

hilt - 2.jpg

cross close up - 2.jpg

pommel forged - 2.jpg

pommel rough grind - 2.jpg

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Wonderful and I think the scent stopper is a better choice on a single handed handle. 

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Vern, thanks for the vote of confidence on the pommel choice, I kept going back and forth about it.

Thanks Alan, I appreciate your opinion because of your skill and knowledge that you share with all of us.

Thanks Matt, knowing smiths that are more talented than me like my work helps me to keep pushing my ability.

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Nice job !  B)

I started a sword three, four years or so back, posted some progress pics and it's been on hold for a couple years since

moving into the new place. and all the work getting it into shape and the shop finished.....( long chore list )   :wacko:

Maybe after the garden harvest I'll have time to play serious blade smith again.......:rolleyes:

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Clifford, when you find the time definitely give that blade some attention.  A sword posted by Collin Miller inspired me to pick my blade back up after a failed quench several months earlier and I am glad I did.  The finished blade really gave me a sense of accomplishment and I enjoyed the process....even the inevitable frustrating parts.  Good luck!

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Thanks Mike;  I have promised this to one of my younger brothers and you have helped

re-lite the fire on finishing it out ..............:D

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Clifford, glad I provided a little bit of encouragement.  Good luck!

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