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D2 core stainless damascus

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A great example of "functional art"

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I keep feeling like I need to re-adjust the v-hold on my eyeballs looking at that pattern. Nicely done.

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Wowzers !!!!..........:o

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39 minutes ago, David Bennett said:

Question from a newb.  Is getting the stainless to weld much different or more difficult?

Short answer - Yes!

(Unless you live in Florida, and the knives you make happen to disable tanks) <-Inside joke :)

Long answer- the oxides that form on stainless make it difficult to weld.  Most try to do it in an oxygen free environment.  Many achieve this by welding up the edges of the initial stack to keep the oxygen out.

There was a pretty long thread about this recently, but searching from my phone drives me nuts.  Maybe someone else will look it up.


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