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Anvils for sale in Tucson, 200 lbs, steel, unique design

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I wanted a custom designed anvil, so I approached an anvil company in China.  I asked if they could make me an anvil following my drawings, and they said that the fewest they could make me was 20 anvils.  I really wanted one, so I went ahead and had them make me 20 of them.  I figured I could sell the others.  In just a couple of days I have sold a few of them, but I still have about 15 or so.  If anyone one here wants one, I'd be happy to sell you one.  I've attached a photograph to show what they look like.

They're about 13 inches tall.  (The anvil part is 11 3/4, and add to that the height of the base part.)  The working surface is a very large 6 inches x 8 inches, plus a 4 inch heel.  They have a 1 1/4 inch Hardy hole, and a 5/8 inch Pritchett hole.

They have no horn at all, because frankly in 5 years of bladesmithing I have never had any use for a horn.  Why pay for something you don't use?  This particular design is very solid.  Virtually the entire working surface is sweet spot.  Also, because the base is so broad and solid, and there is no horn and almost no heel, it barely rings at all.

I'm selling them for $500 apiece.  I live in Tucson, Arizona.  If you'd like one, please contact me.




Product Photograph 001.jpg

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I think this is a superb design for a bladesmithing anvil.

Can you provide information on the steel used, hardness, etc?

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Yes.  Sorry for taking so long to reply.


The steel is 1055.  They're made by sand casting.  The anvils are a single solid piece.  The striking face is not welded on separately.  The striking face is hardened via induction heating and then quenching.  I don't know the exact Rockwell hardness, but I have done a ball bearing test, and the recoil is OUTSTANDING.  I have been using one for about 9 months now, and I LOVE it.  Works amazing.

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