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Wanted to say thank you to those of you that post.  I've been lurking for a while, and only got started "forging" just before Christmas, and 'borrowed" a lot of the wisdom contained here.  I've only made four knives (successfully) so far, so I'm certainly a complete newb.  Don't care really, though, I'm having so much fun.

I'm a teacher, so don't have a budget to buy all the fancy tools and gadgets, and it took me a while to make everything.  Finally got my set up to the point I am proud enough to post it.

Made a coal forge centered on  a brake drum design, but it's overbuilt, with a Kirby vacuum for a blower.  Ruined two knives before I realized I needed a gas forge to get the heat more even for the heat treat, so I made one of those.  Made several tongs... welded a quench tank, which leaked so I made another, a Micarta press, a Kydex press....  Had a homemade RR track anvil (vertical mount)  until I found this Peter Wright a few weeks ago for $40 bucks. And I made a 2X72 Variable speed belt grinder.  To be honest, I'm enjoying making the tools as much as the blades. 

Like I said, I know I'm a newb, and I'm sure I've made lots of mistakes that are uber obvious to the veterans.  I'd love feedback on what I could improve.  Just be nice.  Google and I did the best we could.





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I like the khukuri!

You need a little more discipline in the way of finish work, but it's a VERY good start! :) Your handles look a little too spindly, and rounded at the front and square in the back. Think egg shaped. I like an even swell towards the rear of the knife myself. 

I like the coal forge! 

That's a great anvil too! I would make a better stand. 

Hope this helps ya! Welcome aboard!

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My daughter and son-in-law are Kirby distributors and will get a kick out of your use of an old Kirby.  Did you realize those things go for over $2000 new?  :o 

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