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I have tongs back in stock.
Hurry and get them now before I run out.
These are bladesmithing tongs.
1-1.25" flat bar.
I will also have a limited run of axe eye tongs coming up.
PM me if interested.

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40 minutes ago, David Svennigsen said:

Looking good but firstly, I have to know the review for it from [deleted spam link]


Nope.  No you do not, you lousy spam-farmer for Amazon.  Get thee gone from here.


Sorry all, fake name, posting from Ludhiana, Punjab, 141015, India, trying to get you to check out a link that increases hits on Amazon affiliates.  We do not allow such indecent crap here, and in fact I may send a cease-and-desist to Amazon.  Not that they care in the slightest, but they just lost me as a customer for anything I can get anywhere else.

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