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Damascus Dagger

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I made 2 billets - 16 layers 15n20 and 1095 forged out octagonal. Twisted one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Forge welded those two together after a bunch of grinding, and forged the blade from that. After final grinding, engraving, etc. The blade went back to the coal forge for normalizing and hardening, then onto the oven for tempering. More cleanup and etching then it was time to make up the steel guard, bolster, pommel, and the African blackwood handle. Hours and hours later the veg tanned sheath. Blade length is 8" and overall length 13".IMG_20180808_101955901.jpgIMG_20180808_102018387.jpgIMG_20180808_102037883.jpgIMG_20180808_102121439.jpgIMG_20180808_102142607.jpgIMG_20180808_102215812.jpg

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Thanks all! My most time consuming knife and sheath yet, but it sold in the matter of 8 hours. So I'm happy. I was hoping to pet it for a while but no luck there.

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