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Ceramic Shell Gravity Casting Tree

James Higson

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Dear Hivemind,

Please could those who know what they're doing have a look at this casting tree? I am going to be making 5 of these and casting them all in bronze via ceramic shell and gravity casting (Just pouring the stuff in and letting it fill the mould via gravity). I would just like to ask if anyone can see any glaring errors I've made before I waste a week's work and pour them! 

Thank you for any advice!




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I am by no means an expert in casting, so take my word with a grain of salt.

overall I´d say your tree looks good with a big enough cone to get the fluid pressure required. the one thing i see that can be improved is the transitions between the ``branches``,  my teacher always stressed the importance of making the transitions as smooth and fluid as possible. this way the liquid metal will swirl less and get quicker to the outher reaches where you want it.



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Thanks guys, I'm a bit worried about bubbles getting trapped so may put loads more pink air vents? I'll beef up the gates then. I'm tempted to pick it up after the pour and swing it... haha likely it would just shatter and spray us with molten bronze!

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