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My venture into pattern welding.

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I got into knife making wanting to jump right into pattern welding. Haha was I wrong. I realized there was so much to learn. Everyone makes it look so easy. So I started getting all the tools and building forges and just having fun. But I'm extremely limited on what I can accomplish physically. So I built a power hammer. But it just wasn't up to par. So I started practicing forge welding and doing research and more research and more. Then I rebuilt the power hammer and I'm ready to start making pattern welded steel. This forum has been a God send. The amount of information here is in incredible. The people are extremely helpful and patient. And if it wasn't for this forum and the internet as a matter of fact I wouldn't be to the point I am today. So I thank you guys and hopefully some day i can be as good as Gary Mulkey, Owen Bush, and Salem Straub. Cheers everyone.

The first blade to begin this thread with is the blade I am making for the 2018 KITH. I am going to update this as I progress with each blade I make. There will be knives, axes, and tools and eventually swords hopefully. 

There wasn't a whole lot of pattern welding but it is a multi bar seax with a 10 layer twist of wrought iron in it. 

Here is the material for the 10 layers.20180612_113218.thumb.jpg.7ab4b22bc53078b8287249bfa765ef13.jpg

Drew them out. Here they are and there is a bar of 1060 I used for the edge and a small bar of 1095 I chose not to use.20180718_123716.thumb.jpg.c6ddcf77bc77af32228ee39deb07128a.jpg20180718_123712.thumb.jpg.c7c6e6ea5048fb41a72b5221522aa461.jpg

Stacked and welded in a charcoal fire.20180725_115226.thumb.jpg.75bd8dc6b5cfc856b82b0c2ce315f31e.jpg20180725_1236491.thumb.jpg.c2e6435115ab8d67431e4faf318412e9.jpg

Here is after welding. 20180725_125218.thumb.jpg.e938ed73e19e74d064c98c861f0a316a.jpg

And after drawing out a little. It ended up with some really dark streaks. 20180810_140510.thumb.jpg.e21c5c65ca241d758e101c66ad4f21ba.jpg

Brought it down square and twisted 20180811_200301.thumb.jpg.957e6eb9447454e0d078b3d35d37411f.jpg20180811_200308.thumb.jpg.a8c0bdae57629d100051a6f1614301ae.jpg20180811_200344.thumb.jpg.6bffcffb53fe933d07d6a917915722af.jpgstacked the 1060 then a bar of some of the wrought for the damascus then the Damascus and then a really low carbon wrought. 0_20180816_162757.thumb.jpg.6d299bdd87d83b6aaff6336d1edf12a0.jpgforge welded and cut a preformed tip.Resized_20180820_162957.thumb.jpeg.eb94733118d427a3f6241e7e1c2793d7.jpeg

Here is the first peak at the pattern.20180821_101125.thumb.jpg.1417233bac15e16c0b42c38e481368f6.jpg20180821_101135.thumb.jpg.31d5586543a2f33a2effda60abf3fb24.jpg

Worked the rest in the propane forge.Resized_20180821_133821.thumb.jpg.8e27a52f7656565c71b440e67c90ade7.jpg

Here's where I'm at as of today.Resized_20180821_144329.thumb.jpg.5b88b73481717bfd78ab206e1caf0afc.jpgResized_20180821_144323.thumb.jpg.01f81b69f6375e6d309550b63effe503.jpgResized_20180821_144314.thumb.jpg.1afebd0ee11d5dc65653facb75af66a7.jpg

Any constructive criticism and critique welcome and thanks in advance.



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Hey Jeremy, great progress! I've been watching your thread here and at the "other site". Don't get discouraged by some of the Foo you hear over there. If you haven't figured it out yet there is a mod over there who absolutely hates it when he sees somebody doing something for the first time as well as he does after the umpteenth time. I was over there for several years and just discovered this place. As soon as I started going through the older posts here I knew I had found my new internet hang out! There is a wealth of good info and some good folks "over there" too, but you can't win an argument with that one mod! He will edit your posts, bait you into saying something he can ban you for and just over all be a real.....well, Foo! Keep doing exactly what you're doing in the shop, then do it again and again. You may get more interactions "over there", but not without some built in headaches. My two cents. I look forward to seeing your progress and don't forget, a lot more people read these post than the ones who comment. Doers do and haters hate. Keep on doing and let the haters drown in their own Foo!!!


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Thanks Michael!!! I am trying to get him to explain himself and he won't do it. It's not that big of a deal but the guy really makes me angry...but then I went and check out his website and it all makes sense now.

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8 hours ago, MichaelP said:

Doers do and haters hate. Keep on doing and let the haters drown in their own Foo!!! 

Well put Michael..................

If ya can't be good don't git caught  !!                                        People who say stuff can't be done need to

                                                                                                        git the hell outta the way of people who do stuff   !!!

Show me a man who is called an expert by his peers         

And I will show you a good man to listen to ......

Show me a man who calls himself an expert

and I will show you an egotistical asshole...............!!



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Just ordered my first batch of 15n20 so when I'm fully healed I have all the stuff I need to make a blade with proper materials. The 10 layer twist in the blade above is wrought iron so I wouldn't consider it mystery steel because you cant just buy it from a store but I want to make blades with known steel instead of making scrapyard Damascus.

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Canister Damascus bowie. 1084 powder, ball and roller bearings, file pieces and 15n20 scraps.


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