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San-Mai pattern welded Chef's Knife

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Alright folks! Finished this little thing before the vacation, but never got around to taking photos of it...

So here they are! :)

So, first of all - the stats:

Blade length: 16 cm
Blade width: 3,4 cm
Blade thickness: 3mm
Handle length: 11,8 cm
Total weight: 110 grams

Blade is made in a san-mai lamination with railroad steel for the body and spring steel for the edge.
Handle is made in a laminate of stabilized Maple, Teak, buffalo horn, brass and vulcanized fiber.






Alright, that's it!

Chiao people, and have a nice week. :)

Sincerely, Alveprins.

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29 minutes ago, Ben Hoover said:

I second Ross.  San Mai looks really good, and I like the choice of materials and the pattern that you got for the handle.  Well done sir.

Thanks man. :) It is always exciting when choosing materials - first imagening in ones head that they will fit - only to have it confirmed after the fact. :D

4 hours ago, Ross Vosloo said:

very nice. i like that handle shape, cool kind of different

I've started using only this shape - as I feel it helps with manouvering the blade when cutting in the kitchen. :)

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