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Small skinner wip

Jon Cook

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If a tree falls in the forest. . .

New town, new house, new social obligations, but I'm still pushing forward time permitting.

This one's been in the works way too long.  It was supposed to be a warmup project between my kith entry (hopefully next year), and the Ent Slayer (still in the works, still daunting).

I got a differential temper line I was not expecting. Luckily, the last minute addition of a sharpening notch kept it away from the edge. Very cool. Might try it on purpose soon. 

Got the handle 90% shaped, and the blade up to 220. I'm hoping to get the blade to 600 and glue up done after labor day.

Specs: steel is bedframe again (I swear I have pedigreed steel, y'all, just haven't made much progress on those yet), handle is black ash with g10 liners and brass pins.

Edge is just under 3", about 7" tip to tail. If I got it right, she should be able to skin a pile of boxes, and maybe a squirrel or two without trouble. 





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