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Hi, just finished this one up. This is my take on a modern cord wrapped tanto. I wanted to keep as much of the traditional design but with a cord wrapped tactical style handle.

Blade is 6" and keeps the ridged spine of the tratidional Japanese swords. I also tried to stay as close to a classic profile as possible.

Handle has rayskin inserts and features traditional tsukamaki knots (or as close as I can get with double strand cord).

Hamon isn't bad, but blade has a "using" polish of around 600g so some of the finer details don't pop.

Thanks for looking, Justin







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I'm not normally a fan of Eastern stuff, but I like this. It's clean. I like the upswept lines. Not many upward curving pieces are harmonious to my eye; this one is. 

I like it's thinness. It looks like it should be strapped to the inside of a Samurai's arm or calf with strips of silk ripped from a slain enemy's kimono. Or perhaps in the folds of a courtesan's or Geisha's dress. 


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Thanks guys!

Dave, my favorite comment ever. Unfortunately the blade will never know the pleasure of being hidden away in a geisha's kimono.


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handle wrap looks great. I am usually for no plunge lines on tantos, but that' s just me. The knife is smooth and clean, and looks right. Nothing extra, just a good rendition of the design.


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Thanks Kevin. I too agree about the plunge lines. My original thought was that I could do a wrapped handle with the front and back notches ( sorry can't remember proper names right now) but when I was designing it  I realized that if the handle wrap goes right to the cutting edge it wouldn't be safe to use. 

Anyway, thanks again! -Justin


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