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Building a Metal Dust Collector

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A lot of us spent a lot of our time in front of the grinder. I ended up getting myself a powered positive pressure respirator to breath clear air. However, the metal dust from the grinder gets everywhere. There is no surface in my shop where I don't get dust. On the other hand, dust collection for metal is surprisingly difficult. Many here use a water-based spark trap which also gets really messy. I found myself with some spare time and the desire to play with sheet metal. So, I am starting to build my own metal dust collector that does not require any water. As usual, I put this exploration on video. So, far I have built a Thien Baffle. Let me know if you have any advice or feedback.


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Nice job on the video edits.  I'm still learning how to do them myself.  Not voice add ons.  How ever if you have access to an oxy acetylene torch with a cutting head you could use that to cut out the circle.  They cut through sheet metal like a red hot knife through butter.  I'm not sure if you have access to one of those or not.  But that might be an alternative.

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