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Bloodwood Finishing ?


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Hey Guys,

Got a new knife I'm working on, and I want to use a piece of African Bloodwood (I think that's what it is) for the handle.

I read that it is a very oily wood and see many recommendations for a finish.   My question is,  what do ya'll use to finish this particular wood ?

I usually go with store brand "Tung Oil", but I'm not sure that will work in this case.   Tru-Oil, Shellac, lacquer, real Tung Oil,  lots of options.  Also, which one would be the most durable, while being Food Safe ?  Food safe is the priority here.   As I read that boiled linseed oil is toxic.  I didn't know that.

Any advice or links to post's would be appreciated.


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huh, just looked this up, and if google and wiki are to be believed, then african blood wood is non other than Mukwa, Pterocarpus angolensis, which is a very common wood here by us. so common i hadn't even thought to use it. theres actually an oil thats extracted called Mukwa oil that we get in the super markets here, very deep red in color thats used to oil any mukwa furniture etc. i dont have any in the house right now, but i know its good for the wood and is actually pretty cheap here too

Ross Vosloo

Mhara Knives made in Zimbabwe


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I usually just sand bloodwood up to 1000 grit or more, and leave it alone.  It will take on a nice polish all by itself.

If I were to put a finish on it, it would probably just be a few hand rubbed applications of boiled linseed oil.


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