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Worth saving files?

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I have several older files that have seen better days. Most are Nicholson USA. Some are Gorbet USA. Then some oddballs. Has anyone used Boggs to sharpen files lately? I’m wondering if it’s cost effective. Included are a couple pictures of condition and brand. Thanks for any help. The second file has both edges safe ground. It looks factory.



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I haven't heard of anyone complaining about Boggs, and I have a few I should send them one of these days...

Save that second one.  It's a long-angle lathe file.  They are great for rapid stock removal.  I am not familiar with the brand, but other Portuguese files I've seen are good.  And I've never seen a double-struck logo on a Nicholson, interesting!  But yes, given the chipped teeth I see it's a good candidate for becoming a blade.  Black Diamonds are reputed to be W-2 steel, but are probably just 1095 with better heat treatment.  It will be around 1% carbon and very shallow hardening regardless.  

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