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1700’s or 1800’s knife??

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You'd be better off asking on a collectors' forum, but first you need better pictures and more info.  How long is it open and closed, how thick is it, that sort of thing.  I can't help a bit with value, but it looks to be 1850s-ish if and only if it's a lot smaller than it looks.  A true pen knife, in other words.  Pearl scales were not common prior to that time.  It is an early pattern, but that pattern lasted well into the 20th century on larger fruit knives, which that look like it is.  If the blade is 4 to 6 inches long, it's a fruit knife, probably French, last half of the 1800s.  Are there any marks on the tang, or are the blade stamps all there is? 

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That's what I get for answering prior to sufficient coffee...  :rolleyes:  Ten points to Dan!

Good call on the silver blade, although I'm not sure that lion mark is actually British.  Americans loved to fake that one.  The lack of a date letter also points that way, as does the wigglework engraving.  British silver always has four stamps in a row, five between 1785-1890.  I take back the French attribution, see above about insufficient coffee.  I'm going to say American, ca. 1860-1890.  

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