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Shop upgrades, guest teaching, and gallery submission requests (picture heavy)

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Been a while since I posted - been busy starting a business and upgrading the shop!

First, fun pictures of smiling students and their work:
theorocknazz_20180910142247.png2018-03-31 18.12.27.jpg2018-08-02 17.15.30 - Copy.jpg20180805_171947.jpgIMG_20171015_074029_199.jpgIMG_20171206_160230_395.jpgIMG_20171217_164332_268.jpgIMG_20171228_103941_978.jpgIMG_20180415_193500_913.jpgIMG_20180702_203731_439.jpgIMG_20180717_094544_838.jpgIMG_20180724_134122_366 - Copy.jpgIMG_20180725_151640_985 - Copy.jpgIMG_20180725_151640_997 - Copy.jpgIMG_20180725_151640_998 - Copy.jpgIMG_20180725_151641_009 - Copy.jpgIMG_20180728_163235_410 - Copy.jpgIMG_20180729_172039_351 - Copy.jpgIMG_20180730_142732_854 - Copy.jpgMarcoSantana.jpgStephanieAiuto1.jpg


I've been teaching full time about a year now and thought it was time to step things up a level. Expanded my area and finally have it's confines clearly defined so I can settle in. Still tweaking things, but I am very happy so far, the flow is much better. 

Now I feel comfortable offering teaching opportunities for my fellow bladesmiths interested in vising us in The Big Apple. If this sounds like fun to you please reach out to me for more information on how this would work. Local Brooklynite bladesmiths Jim Merola, Jan Muchnikov, and Justin Kirck have already started their classes :) 

2018-09-19 16.19.42.jpg2018-09-19 16.18.43.jpgIMG_20180907_135645_283.jpg2018-09-08 13.08.42.jpgIMG_20180906_090356_934.jpg

Lastly, the front hallway/entrance to the forge has been turned into a small gallery of student, teacher, and local bladesmiths to show off their wares. I want to include work from anyone interested in displaying their blades - we get lots of eyes on them via walk-ins and students. I do not plan on selling blades for other smiths, but send lots of cards for people to take so I can help arrange sales. Currently it's just the 3 cases (bolted to the table), but I am picking up some sword sized as well.


And here are a couple fun personal and commissioned blades:

20180316_164300-02 - Copy.jpeg20180606_103942-01.jpeg32326520_10214949802633691_3496707182626340864_o.jpgIMG_20180101_130526_545.jpgIMG_20180703_165208_254.jpgNazz_180306_MED.jpg


Always looking for input on everything,


2017-10-09 13.30.50.jpg

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Good stuff Theo!!! You must have a helper to catch scale before it hits the floor, that shop is too clean! Seriously,  it is inspirational to see all those smiling faces. That is the unmistakable look of acquired knowledge and pride of ownership.

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Looks like all were having a good time. You have touched the lives of some young ones and whether they stay the course or not it will make an impression in their lives!!

Hat tip.jpg You should be proud of the students!! 

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