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1 hour ago, Alan Longmire said:

lag screws

Lag Screws??  I'm not sure I fully understand that one lol.  Screws I understand.  I have 4 large ones.  The anvil I had ordered only had 2 places for screws or bolts.  One at the front in the middle and one at the back in the middle.  I'm not too concerned about the ring.  I don't plan on pounding on anything after 8 night lol.  So the neighbors can deal with a bit of anvil ring during the day.  No big deal.  But the term Lag Screws is kind of confusing me a bit lol.  Nevermind lol I had to look up lag screw.  I have 4 of them about 5 inches long out in the shed.  What how thick should the layer of silicone be, should I try the anvil out first before I put the silicone down or silicone it first?

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