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1st Century Roman "MAINZ" Gladius and Scabbard

Patrick B. P.

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Here is one of my latest 1st Century Roman "Mainz" Gladius and Scabbards.  Made to historical measurements and materials.  Everything is created by hand right here in my shop.

1075 High Carbon Steel Fully tanged and peened hilt.   Inset Bronze Guard Plate and Pommel Finial.  The guard grip and pommel are hand carved in Black Walnut.  The Grip is a six-sided chiseled finger grip carved from Blood Maple harvested in the 1870's. 

The scabbard has Veg-tanned leather over wood core. All of the metal pieces are brass.  I create the historically accurate repousse~ raised and chased Locket Plate.   The Suspension rings and Chape Finial are cast in brass with the lost wax process.  The Guard plate is also engraved to personalize the piece for my client.

ALDO 5.jpg

ALDO 7.jpg

ALDO 9.2.jpg

ALDO 4.jpg

ALDO 2.jpg

Small 6.jpg

ALDO 9.3.jpg

Small 5.jpg

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