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Help with nickel plating on neodymium magnets

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Hoping someone has some experience with using Neodymium magnets as clasps for sheaths and/or jewelry.

Anyone aware of a source for polymer bonded Neodymium magnets for reasonable prices?

Or if I am stuck with nickel plated, how can I prevent the nickel plating from chipping off?!?

Neodymium Magnet with Busted Nickle Plating.jpg

I have thought about just buying the magnets and re-plating them with additional nickel, but I don't know if that will be effective (at increasing the thickness or making it stronger...)

I appreciate any input...


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James we use a metric fecal ton of small rare earth magnets at work, I will see if I can find our sources. I work at a start up so we originally bought in small quantities, so they might be a source for you.

My experience with the magnets is that eventually the nickel will chip/peel if they experience direct impact with other magnets or steel. A very thin piece of anything compliant between the two clasping pieces will save them.

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