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Two blades with PW bars

Ondřej Borský

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Hello there,

time doesn´t allow me to go to the forge often, but not so long ago, I finished these two blades. Both have edges from tool steel, wrought iron bar, then a PW bar, and on top another wrought. My favourite construction I admit :) . I must say I am quite happy with how the pattern turned out, I hope it will be to your liking as well.

Blade 1

length: 12,4cm,    width: 3cm,     thickness: ca 5,5mm          price: 122USD/106E+shipping



Blade 2

length: 13,3cm,    width: 2,9cm,     thickness: ca 6mm          price: 127USD/110E+shipping


Thank you very much for looking, I will be looking forward too hearing your thoughts and comments!



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