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146lb Peter Wright for sale

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This was my main shop anvil for 12 years.  I just picked up an anvil twice the size which is going to become my main shop anvil, and i dont really need all the anvils that I've got, so I'm going to let this one go.   $500 , picked up at my shop in Woonsocket RI, or I can deliver it to the Swords through the Centuries event in Wolcott CT in a few weeks as well.   

1 inch hardy hole, a hair oversized so 1 inch tooling actually fits properly.    Will come mounted to the stump, since the stump is too small for my new anvil I cant reuse it.



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Hi Justin, if you don’t get any bites here maybe post it on the tailgate section of iforgeiron.com. Seems to be the only part of that forum not overcome by egos and a$$hats :P

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Hey Justin, this isn't about your anvil but I just recently learned that the Mercier family name probably came from Mercia kingdom. Mercier as inhabitants of Mercia. I always thought the name was 100% french...

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