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Jose Herreros

Sailing folding knife + Vendetta folding knife + Spanish Folding Knives Typology

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Good day guys and blade lovers!

How you doing? I hope this little post finds you well and everything is good. Tomorrow it’s a big national holiday on Spain but I am not pretty sure about other countries, anyway, have a really good day

This post is just to introduce you two of my newest folding knives:

The first one is a sailing/rigging folding knife made on a beautiful walnut wood handle, it’s the first time I make a sailing folding knife and I shouldn’t say it since it’s one my creations but I think it looks good so far.

The second one is a vendetta corso folding knife with a tanto point and ram horn handle (in fact it’s mouflon but not everyone knows it), I don’t know why but most of my customer wants them. As a customer recently said me “it has the vibe since it’s not a common thing”.

Also, let me use this post to thanks everyone for being so supportive, bear with me guys, I would be nothing without you.

Here are some quick links to both of them:









I hope you like both!

P.S: For those who are interesting on knowing more about the Spanish folding knives typology and where it comes from (spoiler alert, XV century) I made a blog area on my website where I will be posting folding knives stories and typologies. I would love you to join in and discuss about everything you find interesting or even proposing me new topics for future updates!


I have attached the portrait image of my first post, and here’s how to access it:


 Albacete folding knife.png

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Nice ones!  I particularly like the sailor's knife.

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2 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

Nice ones!  I particularly like the sailor's knife.

Thanks Alan! :)

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