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440C Camp Knife


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Hi guys!

I've finished this knife quite a while back but never got around to edit the videos I took and post the photos here.

I chose to go with 440C for a more maintenance friendly knife since I was going to be using it a lot. After using it for over a year, I'm very surprised and satisfied with the steel's performance. Good edge retention, easy to sharpen, does not scracth as easily as 5160, for example and didn't get a patina so far.

Here is a video with most of the process I went though:


Let me know what you guys think and how I can improove on the process, geometry, heat treat, etc...

Before Sharpening:

Kydex stealth molding:

Finished Knife and Stealth:

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Hi Alan! Yes, São Paulo - Brazil! hahaha

My passion for bladesmithing started after I watched a documentary on Japanese Smiths and the whole craft surrounding the making of a Katana. Of course I'm still very far from being able to make one, but it got me started on knife making.

I'm very much a beginner in the "business" and it is a hobby/passion for me. I've only made about 10 knifes and only forged 2 so far. I'm currently making myself a integral bolster chef knife. I've finished forging it and just started profiling it.

I'm very much into photography and video making so I try to film as much as possible when I'm making my knifes. Since most of what I know I learned from youtube, I try to upload my process as well.

Aside from that, I'm mechanical engineer and I work with metallurgy, but not making steel. We actually producue ferro-alloys that steel makers add to their iron to make different types of steel. I'm also a climber and beer drinker. hahaha

I think that covers most of it!

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