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my first charcoal forge didn't cost me anything because I made it out of bricks and used a hair drier for air.If you are just starting out don't spend all your money on exprnsive tools a file can work just as well as a grinder if you don't mind spending some time on it.For steel I suggest finding a leaf spring or coil spring because they are almost fool proof steel and are easy to find.

sgt Thibault

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Tokugawa, Check this out


and then use the search function to "mine" the depths of this board. Do the same on other boards,, your desire and questions though sincere, are not unique and have been asked and answered before. Plus there are many questions you havent even thought of that have been thouroughly discussed here. Look around, buy a book, and most importantly, have fun.



The blade, elegant
Slicing through the sweet, warm breeze
with a precise hit.

Sam Wands (10 years old)

Gold for the merchant, silver for the maid;
Copper for the craftsman, cunning at their trade.
Good! Laughed the baron, sitting in his hall;
But steel---cold steel---shall be master of them all!

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